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Trust Us to Teach Your Young Player How to Read Coverage

Take them to our coverage training for football sessions in Killeen, TX

Does your child dream of being an all-star quarterback? They can learn the tricks of the trade at JustThrowItTx. We offer coverage training for football, which can help prepare young athletes for being great quarterbacks. Knowing how to read plays is crucial for any player - especially a budding QB. We'll teach your child to understand X's and O's so they can feel confident in different kinds of coverage.

Enroll your child in our quarterback training program in Killeen, TX today.

You can rely on us to teach your aspiring QB how to navigate all kinds of coverage

Your child will learn how to read the two fundamental types of coverage in our quarterback training. We'll go over:

  • Man-to-man coverage: Our trainer will teach young QBs how to quickly spot open teammates on the field between defenders
  • Zone coverage: Our trainer will help budding QBs find gaps in the coverage to make smarter passes

Your aspiring quarterback can make better choices on the field after coverage training for football.

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